Boulder urges caution about trash, livestock as bears emerge from hibernation

The city of Boulder is urging residents to take caution as bears come out of hibernation this spring.

A bear has already been spotted in northeast Boulder in early March, according to a news release from the city‘s urban wildlife coordinator.

Residents should make sure trash containers are locked and any livestock is in secure, safe locations. When bears find food in areas, they are more likely to lose their natural fear of people and get hurt by chemicals or cars, the release states.

Bear-resistant trash containers are required west of Broadway and south of Sumac Avenue. They also are required for those who put trash and compost out the night before pickup.

Residents in other areas of the city are also encouraged to use bear-resistant containers, as more bears have been reported east of Broadway in recent years.

Bears also have increasingly preyed on goats over the past two years, according to the release. Those who keep goats, chickens or bees are encouraged to keep them in secure places.