Call Of Duty hoax caller Tyler Barriss jailed

A California-based man has been sentenced to 20 years in jail for making hoax calls, including one that led to an innocent man being killed.

Tyler Barriss made a so-called “swatting” call to police, claiming he was holding his family hostage.

When police visited the address he had given, they shot innocent father-of-two Andrew Finch.

Barriss admitted making the call after getting involved in a row over a Call of Duty game between two other men.

Both 18-year-old Casey Viner from Ohio and 20-year-old Shane Gaskill from Wichita are awaiting trial for their involvement.

A “swatting” call is a hoax phone call designed to make special weapons and tactics (Swat) police raid a target‘s house.

On 28 December, Barriss told police he had shot his father and was holding the rest of his family hostage.

He gave police a Kansas address but was actually in Los Angeles, about 1,400 miles away.

Armed police went to the property and shot 28-year-old Andrew Finch, who was innocent and had no involvement in the video game dispute.

Police say the responding officer shot Mr Finch, after he moved his hands towards his waist.

Barriss also pleaded guilty to making other hoax calls, including a bomb threat to the FBI headquarters.

“I hope that this prosecution and lengthy sentence sends a strong message that will put an end to the juvenile and reckless practice of ‘swatting‘ within the gaming community, as well as in any other context,” Kansas Attorney Stephen McAllister said in a statement.