David McCuskey: How will we feel in 2020 when Colorado votes are handed over?

I am not sure that our legislators approving and Gov. Jared Polis signing the national popular vote law was such bright idea.

Let‘s look at this logically. If you are around 50 years old, there have only been two one-term presidents in your lifetime, so the odds are high that Trump will be reelected. There have only been five times in history where a candidate won the popular vote and lost the election. That is only once or possibly twice in the average person‘s lifetime. Hillary Clinton was immensely popular, but only won the popular vote by 2% of the people who voted.

In spite of Trump‘s stupid tweets and saying really offensive things, his popularity (we don‘t like to hear it) is rising, maybe only slightly, but rising. The odds are that Trump will win the popular vote in 2020. Now, we Coloradans will probably overwhelmingly vote for the Democratic candidate, and we are not going to be pleased to see Polis hand over our nine electoral votes to Trump. If that happens, we know exactly where all the responsibility lies.

David McCuskey

Dove Creek