‘Sir David Attenborough‘ Norfolk seal receives donations

Almost £4,000 has been donated to a charity which is helping a seal recover after it got a plastic flying ring stuck around its neck.

The adult male grey seal has been looked after by the RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Hospital in Norfolk since it was rescued on 1 April.

Members of the public have donated money and bags of salt, which are used in pools to help wounds heal.

Centre manager Alison Charles said they had been “overwhelmed and humbled”.

The seal, which was found on Horsey beach, was named “Sir David” in honour of wildlife broadcaster Sir David Attenborough, who raised the profile of plastic pollution on .

Ms Charles said: “We have been overwhelmed and humbled by the generosity of the public through their amazing donations to help Sir David.

“I really can‘t quite believe how brilliant the response has been.”

Sir David is using four 25kg (55lb) bags of salt a day in his rehabilitation at the centre, where he is likely to remain for at least five months.

Ms Charles said Sir David was “showing a lot of improvement in himself, although his wound is still going to take months to properly heal”.

A seal called Pinkafo is also recovering at the centre, in similar circumstances in December.