More offensive graffiti daubed on Preston mosque

Police say it is “unacceptable” that a mosque in Lancashire has been the target of three incidents of racist graffiti in as many days.

The first graffiti on a gate post at Masjid-e-Salaam in Watling Street Road, Preston, was .

Another incident was reported on Saturday night followed by a third in the early hours of Sunday, Lancashire Police said.

Police are treating it as a hate crime and appealed for information.

On Friday, the mosque tweeted pictures of the graffiti, saying it was “open for all and [we] do not harbour any evil for those who wish otherwise”.

Ch Insp Gary Crowe said: “There have now been three reports in a matter of days and this is understandably causing a lot of upset and concern in the local community.

“This is completely unacceptable, hateful vandalism and this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated.”