What exactly is CS GO cases opening

Keys in CS Go – what’s it, how do you earn money on cases and the chance of getting the blade for free

Discovering the contents of Gaben’s chests.

After its launch, CS:GO was marketed as a normal game it was a few years ago that the game was made free to play – Gabe decided that the cost of playing is an additional barrier on how to earn cash for cases and operations. What are these cases? how do you open them, and what happens to them (and whether you earn through it) we will discuss in our article.

What are the case studies in CS:GO?

In the event that you’ve ever played Team Fortress 2 or Dota 2 from the time of its launch (then DoTER’s keys were removed and the cases taken away), It is essential to know about the monetization system for cases. A case, chest, or box is an item that’s unique that has other things “hidden” within it. What exactly is contained in your case advance, to determine this is the entire point and it strongly smells of addiction.

Every case has a specific skin inside that aren’t available in other cases. The more pronounced the skins the case, the more intriguing the case gets.

The skin of a cheap knife and an original knife could be thrown out. There is more information on the possibility of a knife falling out is below.

How do I get a free case?

The most efficient way to obtain the CSGO Cases https://bloodycase.com/ is by using the game’s drop items. When you play a match in matchmaking official or another official mode of Valve the player can get an object. In general, it could be a weapon of a low cost or our classic case.

Another method involves trading with players. The usual cases are not traded However, those that aren’t accessible for free on the game can be traded in full.

The third option is to purchase through Steam. Steam trading system. The same process is used as the first method, however this time you trade cases for money, not skins in exchange for cases.

How to open a box

To open a case you must purchase keys. Keys are available in Gaben’s shop and will cost you 192 rubles open the case as at the time of writing. The only way of opening the case is without the key.

What is possible to be thrown out of the box is explained in the description of each box.


  • Battle-hardened skins – the most dreadful quality game skin, with skins that look terribly shabby;
  • The quality of skins improves There are less scratches and imperfections however, there is still a lot;
  • following field testing – the “average” quantity of scuffs
  • somewhat worn, but not too much wear however, it is noticeable.
  • Straight from the factory – the highest quality skins available straight from the manufacturer CSGO.


  • white color – consumerism;
  • light blue – industrial quality;
  • dark blue – military quality
  • purple – forbidden;
  • pink – classified
  • the red is secret. is secret;
  • rare yellow

The chance of losing the knife or costly skin in the game

It is played throughout the globe. Different nations are governed by their laws in different ways, where developers are required to divulge the possibility of shedding various skins in their cases. This is the case with CS:GO. Based on the most recent information, the table that shows the chance of falling from the knife in CSGO looks like this:

Can you make money from cases in CS:GO?

In theory Yes, in principle. The earnings are assured. However, you do not need to open cases within the game or on third-party websites using cases.

Cash-based scheme for earning CS GO is simple and comprises two different ways to earn:

  • In the meantime, you can wait for the launch of a new update that includes the case, and then farm it in matchmaking mode or official mode in the first few hours following the launch of updated cases in the floor of trading and wishing to purchase – quite a bit. So, as of now the cost for the box is many times more expensive than the key, yet it is constantly dropping. Prior to that, a farmed case cost more money Steam received.
  • Purchase an inexpensive case (we speak of literal cases made of ruble, which are available for sale in a jiffy available) and then wait. We are waiting for the moment that your case will not be dropped into the game. Sooner or later , this happens to all cases and, after that, the market will get taken over and new cases in the market won’t appear and the older cases will be gradually purchased. If the skins inside are top skins, the worth could be hundreds of rubles. However, no matter if the cases’ skins are not top-quality the value of the case will increase in relation to the amount you purchased it for. The key is to put it off, and to expect that the time to invest in such assets could be years.

Websites that have CS GO cases

Apart from the official case of Gabe there are numerous other third-party websites CS GO . The principle is the same – you pay a fee to have an opportunity to purchase an expensive item.

Casino roulette sites that are active in promote their services offer promo codes to deposit money and also buy advertisements from streamers. Sports.ru is not advising you to get in touch with such websites – we don’t provide a listing of most reliable case sites for csgo and do not. You are able to play with them on your own responsibility. However, don’t forget that these sites are cheating, and you are not able to make money.

If all users of the case study websites were to emerge in the black, then there will be no case study sites would there?