What is SEO and How does it SEO work?

SEO optimization – actions aimed at improving the performance of a website, its promotion to the first lines in search engines, creating a user-friendly interface, as well as finding a targ

How doFive media work?

Today, the number of sites on the Internet has long exceeded six figures. This suggests that very many people today want to do business on the Internet and make money on it. Everyone is fighting for a place in the sun, which shows that competition is fierce. Everyone wants a piece of the big pie, that is to be on the first page of the search engine, otherwise, the user may simply not find you. You can have a quality site, creative design, unique content, but it’s not enough to be in the top positions. This is what SEO optimization and search engine promotion services are for. It is divided into two stages: internal and external.

Internal optimization includes:

  • study of competitors;
  • creating a convenient structure of the site;
  • selection of pages, the distribution of key queries;
  • creating a unique and useful content;
  • work with the parameters of the page;
  • linking;
  • work with Yandex.Metrika, Google Analytics, Google.Webmasters and Yandex.Webmaster systems;
  • work with images.

External optimization of the site includes:

  • Creation of links, their procurement. It should be noted that we buy only “eternal links” from authoritative resources because we care about the stable work of your website;
  • Search for resources for placing external links;
  • Writing unique information and placing it on the thematic sites;
  • Building link mass.

What do search engines look at when promoting a site to the top?

The main goal, which is set by search engines, is to make the search easy to use, so that in the first place there are only those sites that are really interesting for users. To achieve this, the ranking algorithm is constantly changing, and this means that SEO optimization should be constantly improving and be as adapted to the people.  So what affects a site’s place in a search engine?

1. External links, their quantity and quality. If your site is referenced by other resources, and users rate it as useful and interesting, it is a very positive impact on the position of the site. Note that you should be linked to sites with similar themes.

2. technical errors. Of course, if there are none, then there is no problem.  The technical condition of sites should be ideal and of good quality.  Otherwise, the site will not reach the top. Also an important point is the speed of loading the site, it must be as fast as possible. So do not overload the site with different flash animations and other graphic elements.

3. Content. Its main quality – it is unique. No copyists or plagiarism, but unique and useful content for users. However, here is also the other side of the coin. Content must be optimized, that is to match or guess the desires of the user. The text should contain keys that the user can use to find you. Without this, you may also remain somewhere far away in the depths of the World Wide Web. 

4. usability – the user-friendliness of the site. You remember about competitiveness. So, to win, you do not need to make the resource complex, too intellectual and confusing. The user can look at the first page, understand that he does not know how to use your interface and go to another site with the same subject, only with a simple and accessible structure. 

Why SEO promotion of your company?

We all understand what a huge role the Internet plays in our lives. Every day the number of Internet users is growing, there are more and more new means of communication. The Internet has become a powerful advertising and marketing tool.

SEO promotion effectively affects the development of any business and it can be used by absolutely any company, regardless of the type of activity and scope. Imagine that users can search for your products or services online every day and find your competitors there. You still haven’t decided to create your own website and engage in its promotion?

Note that SEO promotion should be done by professionals. Ignorance or inexperience can lead to not the most pleasant consequences. Much easier to order the SEO promotion with us, and then just enjoy the results of our hard work.